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Cost of Inground Pool in Memphis, TN

Factors That Impact The Cost Of Your Inground Gunite Pool Near Memphis:

Access  |  Slope  |  Drainage  |  Utility Location & Size  |  Fencing Requirements

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When installing an in-ground gunite pool near Memphis, Tennessee, it’s important to understand that costs can come from sources not related to digging the hole and installing the pool.  From fencing and landscaping to drainage and utility access costs – there are multiple factors that need to be considered, including how easy it might be to access the area where you want the pool to be installed.  While the cost of a new average-size Gunite pool can start at $80,000 – these elements would add onto that price if they become factors in your install.  Along with the work we do to install a pool, all rules and regulations for the City of Memphis or surrounding municipalities must also be followed.  We discuss 5 of the factors that exist that most clients don’t think about when factoring in all the aspects of installing a pool below.

Cost Factor #1 – Access for Equipment and Materials and Its Impact on In Ground Pool Installation Costs Near Memphis, TN

The accessibility of your backyard for equipment plays a significant role in determining the cost of installing an in-ground gunite pool. If access is limited and you don’t have the ability to get digging or pouring equipment into the area where the pool will be located, this can actually derail your pool installation completely.  If you need to cross a neighbor’s property, take down fencing, remove and protect landscaping, or move/remove sheds in order to get the equipment into the back yard, it can significantly increase the cost of your pool installation.

The further the equipment needs to travel from the parking & unloading area can impact your costs as well.  Getting equipment down your street or from a nearby parking area can increase the time it takes to get equipment on-site and working for you. Limited space may mean only one piece of equipment can access at a time, costing time as equipment is moved and swapped out in a limited area.

If the terrain around your pool install is uneven or sloped, this can create the need for grading or creating temporary roads to access the work site.   This can mean more equipment on site, more rental fees and more time spent preparing the site.  Specialized equipment may need to be brought in to create these access roads, or different equipment like mini excavators or small cranes to move materials can significantly impact the cost of your in-ground gunite pool installation.

If you have a yard that’s hard to access, materials may need to be transported by hand item by item, bag by bag to the pool build site.  This is an extremely labor intensive task and can increase your costs exponentially.

Cost Factor #2 – How the Slope of Your Yard Can Impact Ground Pool Installation Costs Near Memphis, TN

If your pool will go into a sloped backyard, the contractor may need to remove significantly more dirt on one side of the pool than the other. This can significantly increase excavation costs. Additionally, they may need to bring in additional soil to level the area, adding further expense.  For steeply sloped yards, installing retaining walls might be necessary to prevent erosion and stabilize the surrounding soil. These walls can be expensive, depending on the materials used and the complexity of the design.  When planning for your pool, don’t forget the underlying architecture that will ensure your pool is functional and safe for years to come.

Cost Factor #3 – Proper Drainage for In-Ground Pools on Sloped Yards: Essential for Protecting Your Investment Near Memphis

Poor drainage can turn your dream pool into a nightmare. When water collects and sits around your pool, it can cause significant damage to the structure, including:

    • Foundation cracking: Constant water pressure can weaken the pool’s foundation, leading to cracks and leaks.
    • Erosion: Standing water can erode the soil surrounding the pool, creating uneven surfaces and potentially undermining the structure.
    • Staining: Pool chemicals and minerals can leach into the soil, causing unsightly stains and discoloration.
    • Health risks: Stagnant water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests, posing a health hazard.

To prevent these issues, proper drainage is crucial, especially with a sloped yard. Here’s how it works:

    • Grading: The contractor will carefully grade the surrounding soil to create a slight slope away from the pool, ensuring water naturally flows away. This might involve adding or removing soil to achieve the desired slope.
    • Drainage Pipes: In conjunction with grading, strategically placed drainage pipes are installed to collect and channel water away from the pool and into a designated drainage area, such as a storm drain or dry well.
    • French Drains: In some cases, especially for yards with significant slopes, a French drain might be necessary. This consists of a perforated pipe wrapped in filter fabric, buried in a trench filled with gravel. The water seeps into the pipe and is then carried away by gravity.
    • Dry Wells: For yards with limited drainage options, a dry well might be installed. This is a large, perforated container buried in the ground that collects and stores rainwater. The water then gradually seeps into the surrounding soil.
    • Diverter Valves: If your pool has an automatic pool cover, consider installing diverter valves. These valves automatically divert rainwater away from the pool cover and into the drainage system.

Remember, the type and extent of drainage system needed will depend on the specific slope of your yard, soil conditions, and local regulations. Consulting a licensed pool installer and a professional landscaper is crucial to ensure proper drainage and protect your investment.

Cost Factor #4 – Utility Meter Location & Size: Hidden Costs in Pool Installation Near Memphis, Tennessee

The location and size of the gas and electric meters can impact the cost of pool installation in several ways.  Whether you need to run utilities to your pool installation location, or enlarge your meters due to code needs – you’ll definitely need an assessment of your current setup and an estimate of costs involved to bring electrical and gas to your pool build site.

Meter Location:

    • Distance from the pool: The further the meter is located from the pool, the longer the trenching and pipe work required to connect the utilities to the pool equipment. This can significantly increase the cost of installation due to the additional labor and materials involved.
    • Accessibility: If the meter is located in a difficult-to-access area, such as inside a crawl space or under a concrete slab, it may require additional excavation or specialized equipment to connect it to the pool. This can also add to the installation cost.
    • Meter relocation: In some cases, the existing meter may need to be relocated to a more suitable location for the pool. This can involve significant costs associated with trenching, pipe work, and coordination with the utility company.

Meter Size:

    • Gas meter: The size of the gas meter needs to be sufficient to supply enough gas for the pool heater. If the existing meter is too small, it will need to be upgraded to a larger size. This can involve additional fees from the gas company for the upgrade and installation.
    • Electric meter: Similarly, the electric meter needs to be large enough to handle the additional load of the pool equipment. An undersized meter may not be able to handle the increased demand, potentially causing problems like tripping breakers or voltage drops. Upgrading the electric meter can also incur additional fees from the utility company.

Cost Factor #5 – Will Your Memphis Pool Area Need A Fence? Better Add That To Your Budget!

Depending upon where your pool is installed, and your insurance company’s requirements – you may need to install a fence around your pool area for safety.  If you have small children, we always recommend installing a fence – and if you live out of town, a fence may keep pets, livestock and wildlife safe if they wander into your pool area unsupervised.

The cost of a fence can vary – from a simple chain link fence to a more elaborate wood fence or something glass and see through designed to preserve your view.  Consider these costs when pricing out your pool area fence near Memphis:

    • Material and labor: Fence materials like wood, vinyl, chain link, and glass have varying costs per linear foot. Additionally, labor for installation, digging, and ground preparation increases costs based on the fence size and complexity.
    • Gate installation: Adding a self-closing, self-latching gate adds additional material and labor costs.
    • Permits and inspections: Some local regulations require permits and inspections for pool fences, adding to the overall expense.

Don’t forget the indirect cost impacts that come with having a fence erected as part of your pool installation:

    • Project delays: Delays due to fence installation can extend the pool installation timeline, potentially incurring additional labor costs or rental fees for construction equipment.
    • Limited budget allocation: A large portion of your budget allocated to the fence may leave less room for other pool features or upgrades.
    • Design limitations: Certain fence types might limit your pool design options or require adjustments to the pool’s layout, impacting overall costs.

While having a pool installed can create a fun and luxurious oasis in your backyard, being cognizant of every step of the process, along with any factors that may impact the costs involved in installation is important.  Our team at American Pool Techs is dedicated to transparent pricing and project timelines, and ensuring our customers are aware and informed makes our projects run smoothly, and creates happy life-long customer relationships.

If you’d like a pool installed at your home near Memphis, TN, but aren’t sure of the logistics and costs involved – give us a call today to go over your options and the realities of your building site.  We’re happy to work up a plan that encompasses not only your pool installation – but includes a look at these factors that may impact your bottom line.


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