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Memphis Pool Closing Services Near You

American Pool Techs are your trusted pool closing experts in Memphis, TN. As the winter months approach, we offer comprehensive, affordable pool closing services to ensure your pool remains protected and ready for when the temperatures rise again. Our professional technicians specialize in winterizing your pool’s circulation system, equipment, and installing pool covers. Don’t leave your pool’s health to chance; trust the professionals at American Pool Techs for your Memphis pool winterization needs.



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Memphis Pool Closing Service & Pool Winterization Near You

When it’s time to close your pool for the winter, trust the experts at American Pool Techs in Memphis, TN. With our comprehensive pool closing services, we help ensure that your pool remains in optimal condition and is ready for another season of fun when the weather warms up again.

When Should You Winterize Your Pool in Memphis?

The key is to ensure that the system is circulating before freezing temperatures set in, as circulating water will not freeze. If you have water features or slides, they also need to be in motion when the freeze comes, or you run the risk of incurring expensive pool repairs. If you’re unsure when to close your pool, we’re here to help.

Our Process for Memphis Pool Closing Services

At American Pool Techs, we take a systematic approach to Memphis pool closing near you:

  1. Circulation System Shutdown: We begin by removing the circulating eyeballs, winterizing the underground plumbing and the pool equipment. We blow out all the water in your pipes with a high-strength blower and plug the returns, leaving your underground pipes filled with nothing but air, thereby preventing freeze damage.
  2. Equipment Winterization: All plugs at the equipment pads, pumps, filters, salt generators, etc., are removed. Then, we turn off all power to this equipment, eliminating the chance of it accidentally turning back on.
  3. Pool Cover Installation: Lastly, we install a pool cover to protect your pool from debris during the winter months.

Learn more about our extensive, affordable pool closing and pool winterization process below or contact us.

Memphis Pool Closing Service Near Me - Memphis Pool Tarp Installer Near Me

Memphis Pool Cover Options

We offer two types of pool covers to meet your needs:

  • Safety Covers: These covers anchor into the concrete decking, protecting small children or animals from potentially falling into the pool.
  • Tarp and Water Bag Covers: This is a tarp that goes over the pool, held in place by weighted water tubes.

American Pool Techs is your go-to destination for all your inground pool closing and pool winterization needs in Memphis.

Our Pool Closing Process in Memphis, TN

At American Pool Techs, we take the hassle out of pool closing and winterization for Memphis homeowners. With our comprehensive range of services, we ensure that your pool is properly prepared for the cooler winter months. Our experienced technicians are well-versed in the intricacies of closing a pool for winter, providing meticulous attention to detail to protect your investment.

  1. Testing & Balancing Pool Water
  2. Remove Debris & Clean Pool Walls
  3. Pool Deck & Equipment Pad Cleaning
  4. Backwash Pool Filters
  5. Winterizing Inground Pool Water Features
  6. Lower Water Level
  7. Add Winterizing Chemicals
  8. Blow Water From All Lines
  9. Remove Ladders & Handrails (If Removable)
  10. Put The Pool Cover On

From draining and cleaning the pool to removing and storing all necessary equipment, American Pool Techs leaves no stone unturned when it comes to safeguarding your pool during the winter. With our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can rest assured knowing that your pool is in capable hands. Trust American Pool Techs to provide you with top-notch pool closing and winterization services, allowing you to enjoy a stress-free winter season.

With our comprehensive pool closing and pool winterization process, you can trust us to handle all the work while ensuring that your pool is properly winterized. Rest assured that when summer rolls around, your pool will be ready for use, allowing you to dive back in without any worries or additional effort on your part. Here’s our comprehensive list of pool closing inground services that we offer Memphis homeowners. Here are all of the steps that go into closing your pool in Memphis, TN:

Memphis Pool Closing Pool Winterization Near Me - Memphis Pool in Snow

1. Testing & Balancing Pool Water

At American Pool Techs in Memphis, the first step in our pool closing services and winterization process is to carefully test and balance the water. We recognize the significance of maintaining proper water chemistry to prevent damage and algae growth during the winter season. By ensuring thorough testing and balancing, we guarantee that your pool will remain in optimal condition until it’s time to reopen it in the summer.

However, neglecting to test and balance the water before closing a pool can have serious repercussions. Without proper testing, the water chemistry can become imbalanced, leading to issues like algae growth, staining, and corrosive damage to pool surfaces and equipment. Elevated levels of contaminants or imbalanced pH levels can cause the water to become cloudy, creating an environment conducive to the growth of harmful bacteria and microorganisms. Moreover, unbalanced water can lead to scale formation, obstructing pipes and filters and reducing the pool’s circulation system efficiency. Failing to test and balance the water before closing a pool can result in expensive repairs, increased maintenance efforts, and delayed pool reopening in the subsequent season. To avoid these complications, it is essential to prioritize thorough testing and balancing as an integral part of the pool closing near you and the pool winterization process.

2. Remove Debris & Clean Pool Walls

As part of our pool closing process at American Pool Techs in Memphis, the next crucial step is skimming the pool and washing the pool walls. These actions play a vital role in preserving the cleanliness and structural integrity of your pool throughout the winter. Skimming involves the removal of floating debris such as leaves, insects, and other particles from the water’s surface. By preventing these contaminants from settling at the pool’s bottom, we effectively minimize the risk of surface staining or damage.

In conjunction with skimming, washing the pool walls is equally important. This step eliminates any accumulated dirt, grime, or algae buildup that may have developed over time. Beyond enhancing the visual appeal of your pool, it also prevents the growth of persistent algae during the winter, which can be challenging to eradicate later on. Through thorough wall scrubbing, we guarantee that your pool surfaces remain pristine and fully prepared for the dormant period.

The significance of skimming and washing the pool walls lies in their ability to maintain water clarity, prevent staining, and eliminate potential sources of contamination. By performing these essential tasks, we contribute to the overall health and longevity of your pool, thereby reducing the need for extensive maintenance and repairs when reopening it for the summer season. Entrust your pool to the diligent expertise of American Pool Techs, ensuring that skimming and wall washing are meticulously executed to leave your pool in optimal condition for the upcoming winter.

3. Pool Deck & Equipment Pad Cleaning

At American Pool Techs, our meticulous pool closing process includes a crucial third step which includes blowing off the pool deck and cleaning the equipment pad. This step plays a vital role in upholding the cleanliness and functionality of your pool area throughout the winter season. With careful precision, we eliminate any accumulated debris, leaves, or dirt from the pool deck. This not only enhances the visual appeal of the area but also prevents these substances from infiltrating the pool, potentially leading to filter clogs or water contamination. Moreover, cleaning the equipment pad is essential for the optimal performance and durability of your pool equipment. By removing dirt, leaves, and other debris from the equipment area, we minimize the risks of blockages, corrosion, or damage. Once clean, we will turn the power off to the pool equipment to ensure that it does not run during the winter months. This ensures that your pool equipment operates flawlessly when it’s time to reopen the pool. Through our dedicated focus on cleaning the pool deck and equipment pad, we guarantee a pristine and well-maintained pool environment throughout the winter, eagerly awaiting your enjoyment when summer returns.

4. Backwash Pool Filters

At American Pool Techs, one crucial step in our comprehensive pool closing near you process is the backwashing of pool filters. This step plays a vital role in safeguarding the efficiency and durability of your pool’s filtration system. As time passes, pool filters tend to accumulate debris, dirt, and various contaminants that can hinder their performance and diminish water clarity. By backwashing the filters, we effectively reverse the water flow, purging trapped debris and contaminants and thoroughly cleaning the filter media. This essential procedure ensures optimal filtration efficiency, prevents clogging, and promotes proper water circulation throughout the pool. By incorporating regular backwashing into our closing process, we actively contribute to prolonging the lifespan of your filters, enhancing water quality, and mitigating the potential for expensive repairs or maintenance issues in the future.

5. Winterizing Inground Pool Water Features

At American Pool Techs, winterizing water features is a vital fifth step in our comprehensive inground pool closing process. This step plays a crucial role in safeguarding the water features, such as waterfalls, fountains, or jets, during the winter months. By properly winterizing these features, we effectively prevent potential damage caused by freezing temperatures. Water trapped within the features can expand when frozen, leading to structural issues, cracks, and leaks. To mitigate this risk, we drain the water, remove debris, and implement suitable winterization measures. By doing so, we ensure the integrity of the water features, allowing them to remain fully functional and ready for use when the pool reopens in the summer. By prioritizing this step, we emphasize the long-term durability and optimal performance of every element within your pool area.

6. Lower Water Level

In our pool closing process at American Pool Techs, the sixth step involves lowering the water level to the bottom of the skimmer, ensuring that water does not enter. This step holds significant importance in protecting the pool and its equipment during the winter season. By lowering the water level, we prevent potential damage caused by freezing water. When water freezes, it expands, which can lead to cracks in the pool’s walls, plumbing lines, and equipment. This can cause lots of damage, including broken pool equipment and water leaks when the ice thaws. By lowering the water level below the skimmer, we minimize the risk of water entering these vulnerable areas and undergoing expansion. This precautionary measure helps to maintain the structural integrity of the pool and safeguard against costly repairs or replacements. By including this step in our pool closing process, we prioritize the longevity and functionality of your pool, providing you with peace of mind during the winter months.

7. Add Winterizing Chemicals

At American Pool Techs, the seventh step in our pool closing process involves the addition of winterizing chemicals to the pool. This step is crucial for maintaining the pool in optimal condition throughout the winter season. By carefully adding winterizing chemicals, we ensure proper water chemistry balance and establish a protective barrier against potential issues like algae growth, staining, and bacterial contamination. These chemicals effectively inhibit the growth of algae and other microorganisms, preventing them from thriving during the colder months when pool maintenance is less frequent. Furthermore, the aid of winterizing chemicals in preventing scale formation and corrosion, providing protection for the pool’s surfaces and equipment. By including this step in our pool closing process, we prioritize the preservation of water quality and the overall health of your pool, simplifying the pool reopening process in the summer.

8. Blow Water From All Lines

At American Pool Techs, the eighth step in our pool closing services and process involves the crucial task of blowing water out of all lines. This step plays a vital role in achieving a thorough pool winterization. By effectively removing any residual water from the lines, we minimize the risk of freezing during the winter months, which can lead to damaging consequences. Frozen water has the potential to expand, causing pipes or fittings to burst and resulting in costly repairs when the pool is reopened. To mitigate this risk, we utilize specialized equipment to blow out the lines, ensuring the elimination of any remaining water. By doing so, we provide enhanced protection to the plumbing system, safeguarding the structural integrity of the pool and its components. This step is instrumental in facilitating a smooth and hassle-free reopening of the pool when the next season arrives. By including this meticulous step in our pool closing process, we prioritize the long-term durability and functionality of the pool, reducing the likelihood of expensive repairs or complications in the future.

9. Remove Ladders & Handrails (If Removable)

At American Pool Techs, the ninth step in our pool closing process involves the removal of all removable ladders and handrails from the pool. This step is crucial to ensure the safety and protection of these pool accessories throughout the off-season. By taking the proactive approach of removing ladders and handrails, we effectively prevent potential damage that may result from exposure to winter weather conditions, such as freezing temperatures and heavy snow. Many of these accessories are constructed using materials that can be vulnerable to corrosion or deterioration if left in place during the winter months. By removing them, we extend their lifespan and preserve their functionality for years to come. Furthermore, the removal of ladders and handrails enhances the overall appearance of the pool during its closed period, creating a cleaner and more visually appealing pool area. Prioritizing the removal of these accessories is an integral part of our pool closing process, emphasizing the importance of safety and ensuring the long-lasting quality of your pool equipment.

Memphis Pool Closing Near Me - Memphis Pool Cover Near Me

10. Put The Pool Cover On

As the concluding step of our pool closing process at American Pool Techs, we carefully position and secure the pool cover over your pool. If you do not have a pool cover, we offer two options to suit your specific requirements. The first choice is a safety cover that’s designed to anchor into the concrete decking. It provides an extra layer of protection for small children and animals, guarding against accidental falls into the pool. This safety cover prioritizes enhanced safety throughout the off-season. The second option is a tarp and water bag cover. This involves placing a durable tarp over the pool and securing it in place using water tubes. These water tubes ensure the cover remains firmly in position, safeguarding your pool from debris and facilitating its cleanliness. Whether you select the safety cover or the tarp and water bag cover, our pool closing process guarantees that your pool will be adequately covered and shielded throughout the winter months, ensuring its longevity and protection.

Why Choose American Pool Techs for Closing Your Pool for Winter in Memphis?

Closing your Memphis pool for winter is not a DIY task. Having a professional technician from American Pool Techs close your pool is akin to having an insurance policy for your pool. Should something go wrong during the winter, and it turns out to be a result of our negligence, we cover the repair. Furthermore, when spring arrives, our technicians conduct a thorough inspection of your equipment to ensure everything is in order before the pool opening.

Take the worry out of pool closing by letting American Pool Techs do the work.

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Memphis Pool Closing Tips

It is important to protect your pool from harsh winter weather in Memphis. Here are some tips to safeguard your pool during winter.

Tip #1: If your pool is running, leave it on.

If the temperature drops below freezing and the pool hasn’t been winterized, you might wonder if you should shut off your pool equipment. The pool itself and any water features that have not been winterized need to continue to run. Use a broom handle to bust sheets of ice on the surface of the pool and inside the skimmer to allow the pool to continue circulating water.

Tip #2: If you lose power or your pump is unable to circulate water, turn all pumps off.

What should you do with your pool if you lose power or your pump stops working in the winter? Remove the plugs from your pool filter and pumps by unscrewing them with a wrench. Most pool pumps have two plugs, but booster pumps for cleaners will only have one plug that needs to be removed. If you must do this, your skimmers will need to be protected. Use an empty milk jug or soda bottle that is fully expanded with air and tightly capped. Place one bottle in each skimmer basket upside down and put the skimmer lid back on. Use something heavy to keep the bottle from floating up and opening the skimmer. This bottle will force ice to put pressure on the air-filled bottle instead of creating a sheet that expands and cracks your skimmer.

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We have built, remodeled, and serviced many pools over the years, see below for what some of our clients are saying about us on Google. We build gunite pools and construct vinyl lining pools. Learn more about fiberglass pools, pool financing, and pricing.

From start to finish, the entire process of installing a new pool with American Pool Techs was pleasant. Joel and Jonas are very knowledgeable and provided us with constant communication during all the steps. Our new pool is beautiful! I would recommend APT to anyone considering installing a new pool.

Jenny H.

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I had American Pool Tech do a complete renovation of my pool in October of 2016. New coping, plaster, tile and stone. They had creative ideas for making my 20-year-old pool look new and they did a fabulous job. They showed up on time every day, cleaned up each day, and the workmanship is wonderful. We are extremely pleased and highly recommend them.

Joe L.

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "We had been long time users of one of the more prominent pool companies in Memphis for many many years. After our neighbor used American Pool Techs last year we were so impressed that we decided to change to them.... The men who showed up to do the job were courteous, professional and most importantly very knowledgeable and answered all our questions , I would never go back to the other company, I am a American Pool Techs customer for life!! I would recommend them to anyone considering getting a pool, the prices were very reasonable and they have that small town work ethic where they make you feel like you matter. If I could give them 1 million stars I would. Thanks so much for doing such an excellent job." -Misty S. on Google (just one of our 54+ reviews on Google, avg rating 4.4) See more Google reviews of American Pool Techs - Memphis Pool Building & Pool Cleaning.

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