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Memphis Inground Pool Water Features – Fountains, Waterfalls, & More

If you want to add visual appeal and some extra fun to your inground pool with a fountain, waterfall, grotto, or other water feature. Our team near Memphis can help!



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Create A Backyard Water Park with Fun Water Features Near Memphis, TN

Adding pizzazz to your pool can elevate your backyard oasis to a whole new level of fun and luxury. But how much effort and expense are we talking about? At American Pool Techs, we modify and install inground pools for homeowners across the Memphis area.  Retrofitting an existing pool for new features can be a significant undertaking, subject to budget restraints and realities. We definitely recommend having our designers take a look to see if your existing pool installation can be fitted for new features such as a slide, lighting, seating, or other fun upgrades.

Our projects have included all the following features, either in a new pool construction or in an existing pool modification.  Let’s dive into the difficulty of incorporating some popular Memphis pool features, considering both new pool installations and retrofitting them into existing pools.

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pool water feature installation near memphis
pool water feature installation near memphis

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When it comes to swimming pools and backyard dreams, American Pool Techs are the local swimming pool builder and pool contractor of choice. We also offer pool service to keep your pool running, and if for some reason something eventually has an issue we can repair your equipment, who better to service your pool that the company who build it. We also offer renovation services for older pools that need a new more modern look. Contact us today whether you are designing a new pool, servicing or renovating an existing pool.

Pool Fountains and Waterfalls Near Memphis

Adding a fountain or waterfall to your pool design can be a great way to bump it up a level and add some interesting visuals and  Memphis pool water features to your oasis.  While adding either option into your pool design from the planning stage is much easier – there are a variety of options for existing pools as well.  A fountain is likely going to be easier to add to an existing pool than a waterfall – but either water feature can be useful for blocking noise, adding ambience, or keeping water moving in your pool.

  • New pool installation: Adding a fountain or waterfall at the planning stage and while under construction can be relatively easy. Plumbing lines and electrical connections for pumps can be seamlessly integrated, and no demolition would be necessary.  You can expect a slight increase in installation costs as it makes your infrastructure more involved and requires more equipment to pump the water.
  • Existing pool: Depending upon how involved you’d like your fountain or waterfall to be, this can be more complex than adding to a new pool installation. You can find easily added fountains and sprayers that can be hooked up to your existing pump system and fairly easily installed.  If you’d like an integrated waterfall or fountain system, there may be existing plumbing that might need rerouting, and electrical work to the fountain pump or waterfall location may be necessary. Also you will likely need to prepare for potential excavation and resurfacing near the installation site. Adding a fountain or waterfall to your existing pool can run a range of costs, from fairly economical to something requiring a partial tear out and restructuring of your pool.
    pool fountain installation near Memphis

    Create A Grotto Hideaway For Your Pool Near Memphis, Tennessee

    A grotto adds a bit of fun, visual interest, and mystery to your inground pool area, but not all grottoes need to be elaborate mansion-level mazes and cozy nooks.  A small natural rock grotto with a waterfall feature can add amazing ambience to your inground pool and increase its value to your home.  At American Pool Tech – we can install any kind of grotto you’d like, talk with our designers to learn more about the process and costs.

    • New pool installation: A grotto can be incorporated seamlessly with proper planning. This will require structural support and specialized materials for the grotto’s framework. Expect moderate to high costs added onto the base cost of your inground pool, depending on the complexity of the design.
    • Existing pool: Adding a grotto as you remodel an existing pool can be a significant disruption, depending on how large, integrated, and complicated it is. Something simple like a natural stone arch kept fairly small and featuring a small waterfall can be quite affordable and less than $10,000 – while restructuring your pool, creating rock walls within and above the pool can take significant time, effort, and budget. When adding a grotto, budget and placement are always key considerations.

    Inground Pool Water Feature: Lighting

    Along with amazing ambience, lighting in your inground pool can be a safety feature as well.  Being able to see at the bottom of your pool from above the water can make it safer for you and your guests. Adding lighting to your pool can vary from extensive rewiring to simply changing out fixtures.

    underwater pool lighting near memphis

    • New pool installation: If included from the planning stage, adding pool lighting is extremely easy.  Conduits and niches for lighting fixtures can be readily placed during construction. Choose energy-efficient LED or fiber optic options for a modern touch.  You can even have a lighting system installed that allows you to change colors for seasons or create a disco pool wherein lights “strobe” to the beat of your favorite tunes.  This can be a really fun upgrade that can add to the budget, but not completely break the bank.
    • Existing pool: Depending upon what lighting your existing pool has, this can be less convenient. Retrofitting existing pools for lighting might involve drilling holes or installing niches. Electrical work might be needed. Costs will vary depending on the extent of modifications.  If you have power run and existing lighting – this might be as easy as upgrading your fixtures – if you have no wiring or fixtures, excavation and modifications to your pool may be necessary.

    Keep in mind – all electrical wiring and work will need a Tennessee Electrical Permit & Inspection


    Underwater Audio Installation Near You

    Adding a sound system that allows you to hear underwater can add a fun Memphis inground pool water feature to your pool, but it can also be a convenient upgrade as you can receive doorbell notifications, phone call notifications, etc, while you’re swimming your laps or enjoying time with your family.

    • New pool installation: This installation is quite simple if speakers are planned for prior to construction beginning.  Speakers can be strategically placed and wired during construction. Consider waterproof and corrosion-resistant models for longevity.
    • Existing pool: This can require careful planning. Budget may dictate that adding speakers around your pool instead of inside your existing pool may be a more cost-efficient exercise.  If you really want underwater audio, existing pool components might need to be removed or modified to accommodate speakers. If you have wiring in place, you may still need to rewire, upgrade, waterproof, and move the wiring – and then you’d have to install the speakers within the pool – which will require cutting holes and patching your pool – which can always be tricky when it comes to maintenance. We recommend you budget for potential rewiring and waterproofing measures on top of the cost of the speakers and their installation.

    Pool Slide Installation

    From simple slides to built-in pool water features – adding a slide to your inground pool can be a fun way to enjoy the space more, give your kids hours of fun, and improve the ambience and oasis-like feel of your pool area.

    • New pool installation: If you’re planning a new pool, a slide can be easily integrated and planned for.  You can choose from a wide variety of materials like fiberglass or polyethylene. Factor in weight capacity, space requirements, and safety features.  You may want to talk with your insurance company prior to installing the slide, just to ensure your policy will still cover it.  We’ll talk more about Memphis inground pool water features and insurance later in this article.
    • Existing pool: Adding a slide to an existing pool could be a significant challenge, depending on what type of slide you choose.  Your slide needs a dedicated space on your patio. Think 7′ x 15′ minimum, ensuring enough space for maneuvering and lining up without becoming an obstacle course. Consider shade for sun-sensitive sliders and positioning across from your usual hangout spots.  This can add a significant footprint to your existing pool.  We recommend choosing a slide that has water sprayers to keep the surfaces cool and easy for the family to use. All in all – the budget for adding a slide to an existing pool can be significant – but it’s not the most expensive addition we offer.

    Swim-Up Bar and Seating

    Swim-up bars aren’t just for those fancy Caribbean resorts anymore! We can install something as simple as pedestal seating to a full swim-up/ground-level bartending station.  If you can imagine it, we can build it!  We just need the space, time, and budget to turn your vision into a reality.

    • New pool installation: Easy to incorporate during construction. Choose from in-pool or pool deck designs with various materials like concrete, tile, or even swim-up stools.  The cost can range from fairly inexpensive seating options to adding a bar to the outside of your pool for someone to serve from at pool deck level while your guests stay inside the pool.  This is not an inexpensive add, as there are considerations for structure, stool placement, bench & concrete materials, etc. – and depending upon how involved your bar and seating choices are – the costs can vary greatly.
    • Existing pool: Installation can be complicated and likely will require modifications to the pool deck or additional structural support. Plumbing and electrical work might be necessary for in-pool bars. Prepare for moderate to high costs depending on the complexity.

    Pool Steps and Ladders


    The ultimate safety issue – being able to get into and out of your pool safely is an important Memphis inground pool water feature.  The type of steps or ladders you use can make all the difference. When designing, building in steps may be the best bang for your buck – while retrofitting an existing pool may be harder, can can upgrade the existing steps and ladders with sturdy new options with greater safety and stability.

    • New pool installation: These are a standard inclusion during construction. Choose from various materials like stainless steel, fiberglass, or vinyl to match your Memphis inground pool’s aesthetics.
    • Existing pool: Replacing existing steps or ladders is relatively straightforward. Upgrading to different materials might require modifications to the pool deck or wall. Costs will vary depending on the chosen material and complexity.
    pool steps and ladder installation near Memphis

    Inground Memphis Pool Water Features & Your Insurance Policy

    Adding inground pool water features to your Memphis home can be exciting, but it’s also important to understand how they might impact your homeowner’s insurance. Here’s what you need to know:

    Potential changes to your policy:

    • Increased liability coverage: Inground pool features like slides or diving boards increase the risk of accidents. Your insurance company may recommend raising your liability coverage limit to protect yourself financially if someone gets hurt on your property.
    • Endorsement or separate policy: Some insurers offer specific endorsements for pools with extra features, adding them to your existing policy. Others might require a separate policy altogether.
    • Deductible changes: You might need to increase your deductible for both property and liability coverage. This means you’ll pay more out of pocket before your insurance kicks in.

    When to change your policy:

    • Before installation: Contact your insurance agent as soon as you decide to add water features. They can advise you on any needed policy changes and price quotes. Don’t wait until after installation, as your coverage might be invalid if they weren’t aware of the features.
    • If features change: Any significant changes to existing features or adding new ones should also prompt a policy update.

    Things to consider:

    • Specific features: Different features carry different risks. Slides, diving boards, and waterfalls generally raise liability concerns more than fountains or lights. Discuss the specific features with your agent to gauge the impact.
    • Safety measures: Implementing safety measures like fences, alarms, and pool covers can lower your liability risk and potentially reduce your premium.

    Remember, these are general estimates of cost, difficulty, and disruption, and the actual numbers of adding features to your existing or new inground pool in Memphis will depend on various factors like the specific pool design, materials used, local permitting requirements, and the expertise of the contractor. Consulting with experienced pool professionals in Memphis is crucial for accurate estimates and ensuring a smooth transformation of your backyard oasis.


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    From start to finish, the entire process of installing a new pool with American Pool Techs was pleasant. Joel and Jonas are very knowledgeable and provided us with constant communication during all the steps. Our new pool is beautiful! I would recommend APT to anyone considering installing a new pool.

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