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Fixing Winter Pool Leaks Near Memphis, TN

Diagnose, mitigate, and fix damage caused by winter pool leaks. Our guide to finding leaks in winter.

Dealing with winter pool leaks in Memphis, especially in gunite pools, can be tricky, but there are options depending on the severity of the leak and whether or not it needs to wait for better weather for repairs. There may be some steps you can take to mitigate damage until spring – or it may be something you should address and ensure your Memphis pool is repaired immediately.

How Do I Know If My Memphis Inground Pool Is Leaking?

winter pool leak detection

Leaks won’t be as noticeable as they are with an above ground pool, the most telling sign will be significant drops in water level that can’t be attributed to evaporation.  In Memphis and nearby areas, the normal evaporation rate is around ⅛” per day – but if you’re losing more than ¼” of water per day – you likely have a leak somewhere.  You may see some cracks or gaps in the gunite inside your pool – it’s important to inspect joints, fittings, coping stones or near equipment pads. You may even see soil erosion or washout spots around the pool’s perimeter.  

Another indicator of a leak could be discoloration of your pool water, which can be a common issue when dealing with winter pool leaks in Memphis. Unexplained changes in water color, especially near specific areas, could point to a leak. For example, rust stains might indicate a leak near metal components.

If your pump is still hooked up (and not winterized) you may hear your pump running excessively. If your pool pump seems to be running more often than usual, it could be trying to compensate for water loss from a leak. In the fall we always recommend pool winterization – so having our team of experts out to inspect and winterize your pool is important, especially when dealing with winter pool leaks in Memphis – give us a call asap, and we can help out.

How Do I Find A Leak In My Memphis Inground Gunite Pool

Start with a good look around the pool, both above and below the waterline. Check for cracks, gaps, missing grout, or loose fittings around equipment like skimmers, returns, and lights.  If the leak isn’t readily visible, use a pool leak detection kit with dye tablets. Inject the dye near suspected areas and watch for movement in the water, which can indicate the leak location.  Our team of experts can help with this if you’re not sure about taking this task on yourself.  We might also want to perform some pressure testing to help diagnose the issue.  We’ll use pressurized air or water to pinpoint the leak source through pressure fluctuations. This is definitely something you should have us out to do, as it’s specialized and we have the equipment on hand to handle the task. 


Memphis winter pool leak detection near me


How Is A Leak in my Memphis-area Pool Repaired In Winter?

Repairing a leak might be something as simple as a patch kit, although small issues can turn into big problems very quickly.  For minor cracks or leaks around fittings, you might be able to use underwater epoxy or patch kits (suitable for colder temperatures). However, ensure the instructions allow for application in winter conditions.  This is likely just going to be a small band-aid until you can have us out in the spring ot get your pool ready for warmer months.  More extensive cracks or leaks definitely require professional patching with gunite mortar or even resurfacing sections of the pool. This is usually not feasible in winter due to temperature constraints.  Give us a call and we can come take a look, discuss the next steps, and get your repairs on our schedule for spring if it’s not something we can address in the winter.

Managing a Small Leak Through Winter near Memphis

If the leak is minor, we may advise you to simply top off the water occasionally during winter. It’s important to add your winterization chemicals if you add water to your pool to keep the winter pool chemistry in balance.  Keep an eye out for any sudden drops or significant increases in water loss.  This might be indicative of a bigger issue and it’s important to let us know right away. If repairs are not possible due to weather and temperature issues, we’ll definitely encourage you to prioritize proper winterization if you haven’t already done so, a crucial step in preventing further damage from winter pool leaks in Memphis. This includes draining the pool to below the skimmer level, adding antifreeze to plumbing lines, and closing all equipment properly.  If you haven’t done this yet – its not too late and hopefully your plumbing lines haven’t frozen.  Call us out to winterize your pool ASAP – we’ll inspect all of the components and advise you on next steps if there is damage to the system that hinders winterization.  

A slow leak might be manageable until spring, while a significant one could cause structural damage and necessitate immediate action. Repairing leaks in the cold is challenging. Epoxy and mortar require specific temperature ranges for proper curing.  Minor repairs might be DIY, but call professionals for complex leaks or major repairs.  Our team is happy to come help with any type of leak, from minor cracks to major water loss.

If you’re struggling with an issue in your inground gunite pool this winter – call our team of experts out for an inspection and a FREE Consultation at 901-755-3000.



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